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Sylvie Air Freshener

Sylvie Air Freshener


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This is one of my 2yr old daughters paintings. I decided to make it into an air freshener and raise some money for charity.

Sylvie is Type 1 Diabetic, She was diagnosed in January of this year 2 months before her birthday. The money raised from the sale of this air freshener will be given to the Salford Royal Children’s Diabetes team who oversee Sylvie’s care. They have taught us everything we know and will look after Sylvie until she is at least 16 years old.

They are doing their own fundraising and I decided I would do something myself and add it to their total. From every sale £1.00 will be added to the £220 I have already raised by auctioning off a limited edition Auto Finesse box.

The money raised will be used to get all the children they care for a present.

Scent: Blackcurrant (Sylvie’s favorite drink)

If you decide to purchase this air freshener, from the bottom of my heart thank you.