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Sylvie Air Freshener

Sylvie Air Freshener


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This air freshener is a picture that my 2yr old daughter did one rainy day. I decided to make it into an air freshener to raise money for the team that look after her health.


At 21 months old she was diagnosed as Type 1 diabetic, this is a life long disease that needs constant attention day and night, Without the help of her team we would not be able to care for her as well as we can do.

In November 2019 I managed to raise £1,820 for the team to go towards their fund raising for World Diabetes Day (14th Nov)

This is all the remaining air fresheners that were printed, as with before £1.00 from each sale will be donated to charity.

Thank you if you choose to purchase this air freshener.

Scent: Blackcurrant

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